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Burj Dubai Ready to Set Records

(DUBAI, U.A.E.) -- No one knows how long the records will last, but with ten days left to the opening of the world's tallest building,  the publicity machine is grinding out the numbers that define Burj Dubai. The skyscraper is more than 800 meters tall with at least 160 floors. The final number hasn't been released to keep the developers of buildings under construction guessing and preserve the title of tallest for as long as possible.

  • The mixed use structure has 160 luxury hotel rooms and suites branded as the first Armani Hotel.
  • Burj Dubai and its 12-floor annex offer 49 floors of office space and 3000 underground parking spaces.
  • The Burj Dubai tower holds 1044 apartments.
  • Offices and apartments are served by 57 elevators.
  • The main service elevator rises 504 meters, more than any elevator anywhere, and can carry 5500 kilos.
  • To construct the Burj Dubai, 31,400 metric tons of steel rebar were used.
  • Visitors will be able to take elevators to the 124th floor and experience The Top, Burj Dubai, the world's highest observation deck with an outside terrace.
  • On the ground Burj Dubai's spire can be seen from as far as 95 kilometers.

Burj Dubai was developed by Emaar Properties and is the focus of the Downtown Burj Dubai neighborhood that includes one of the world's largest shopping centers, Dubai Mall, hotels, apartments, and office complexes.

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