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Category: Commercial

Transaction Type: For Sale

Price: $2,900,000 (USD)

Nicoya Guanacaste Costa Rica

Overview: bedrooms, bath

Property Description:

Main tourist center of Guanacaste. Located on large beach.
Is one of the few places in the world where Baula turtles are undressed and is located in an area of great tourist boom. Attracts lots of tourists who like to surfy nature. At the moment great urban projects are being developed.
The property is located in front of a golf course.
The farm has a natural lagoon where there is a great variety of wildlife including lizards.
The farm also has large amount of primary forest trees of great antiquity and beauty.
The farm remains green in winter and summer.
Has natural water resources all year round.
This property is ideal for tourism development due to its natural beauty and proximity to the beaches

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Contact Details: PABLO ATAN [Send Message]


Contact Number: 506 88817728

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