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Category: Commercial

Transaction Type: For Sale

Price: $26,600,000 (USD)

Gjilan District Of Gjilan Kosovo

Overview: bedrooms, bath

Property Description:

The business object (750m2) is located in the very center of Gjilan (Kosovo), at the crossroads of the two main streets: Medllin Ollbrajt boulevard (Madeleine Albright) and Idriz Seferi street.

Coordination: 42.463269, 21.468617.

The real estate history dates from the time of the former Yugoslavia. At that time it was used as a shoping mall. The property was purchased at the time of privatization in Kosovo in 2006. Since then, the owner is the same until further notice, Mr Corleone. The object is called the city icon. In front of the building is a park with promenades. Through the streets of the facility is the theater and the municipality. In the immediate vicinity of the boulevard, there are historical monuments of Illyria. Not to list other things, it is understood that the boulevard creates the city. Corleone Boulevard was proclaimed the most beautiful center of the Republic of Kosovo.

"Raiffeisen Bank" was in the business premises under a contract of about 7 years.
"KFC food" currently occupies 65% of the business space under a contract of 15 years. Monthly rental is € 4,700.
"KFC food" has invested around € 1 million by entering the business space, and the same capital remains the owner of the property.

Allowed and possible upgrade of double floor +1.

People say "Who owns CORLEONE BOULEVARD owns the whole city."

The reason for selling a property is the departure of the owner in the United States.

The owner is V.I.P.
The owner is 1/1.

Fixed price total 26.6 million € (twenty-six million).

We do not agree with the payment on the rate or any other option. Only one-time payment is charged for the stated price.
Solving legal documents can be done in any part of the world.

Contact Information

Contact Details: PRINCVALENTINO CORLEONE [Send Message]


Contact Number: +385976118499

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