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MLS#: 1309647 3 BR, 1.5 BA

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Category: Residential

Transaction Type: For Sale

Property ID: 3004605234

Price: $97,000 (USD)

Address: 1037 Summerhaven RD
Augusta Maine United States

Overview: 3 bedrooms, 1 bath

Size (square feet): 1171sq feet

Property Description:

This property is in its final stages of having a major overhaul. New windows & doors, new pex water supply, new flooring, new vinyl siding and new roof underlayment and shingles. This property has also had insulation blown into the walls. And the list of new work goes on. There may be a new garage built on this property - Which would increase the price another $13,000.

Contact Information

Contact Details: BRUNSWICK [Send Message]

Company: The Maine Real Estate Network

Contact Number: (207)721-1000

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