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Global Property Listings Overview

Welcome to WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL's global property listings classified ad upload page.

Because we are BOTH the #1 ranked "International Real Estate News" site and “Global Listings Site” in the world by Google, we have a large global property listings marketplace AND audience where future real estate buyers, renters and investors come looking for Residential, Commercial or Vacation properties for sale, rent or auction (just like yours) locally and worldwide!

Beside our large global real estate audience… the best part is… it's FREE to upload your property listings yourself!

To start posting your FREE 60-day property listings classified ad(s), you need to initially create your free USER ACCOUNT by submitting this info below. Once submitted, you will be given full access to our global property listings ad platform to immediately start posting your own listings (worldwide) today.

Here are a few simple steps to help get you going:

1) First create your USER PROFILE PAGE (each of your listings will link to this USER PROFILE PAGE for people to contact you directly about your listings).

2) Then start uploading all your listing(s) today!… It's that simple … start now!

(NOTE: for larger listing uploads of 50+ listings at once, CONTACT US to discuss setting up an automated IDX data feed).

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