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Tallest Building in Israel at 80 Stories Planned for Tel Aviv

A multi-million-dollar, 80-story office tower and transportation hub are on the drawing boards for Tel Aviv, the financial capital of Israel.  At least 2,500 housing units are also planned near the tower in an area northeast of the Defense Ministry's Kirya compound in the center of Tel Aviv.

It would mark the small Middle East country's first major commercial-residential undertaking in years.

The tower would be the tallest structure in Israel which currently has a population of eight million and a land mass of only 8,367 square miles -- smaller than the state of Maine and about 2 ½ times the size of Rhode Island.

The proposed project will include 2,500 housing units in an area around what is now home to the Tel Aviv Savidor train station north of Arlozorov Street, according to officials involved in the project.

Plans for the residential complex are expected to be approved within three years. Ground will be broken on construction of the transportation hub within five years.

The Tel Aviv Municipality, Finance Ministry and Israel Lands Administration have approved the project.

The most complicated of the plans involves a 390-dunam (97-acre‏) parcel called the 2000 Complex (Mitkham 2000 in Hebrew‏) where the borders of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim meet. A transportation hub is planned for the site. It would be built over the Ayalon Freeway. The project would join Israel Railways train service along with two light rail lines, bus and taxi service.

(A dunam is 1,000 square meters or about 10,763 square feet. An acre is 43,560 square feet. There is less than one-fourth of an acre in a dunam (0.2471043) There are over four dunams in one acre (4.0468727)

According to Israel media reports, about 230 dunams at the site are owned by the state, with the Tel Aviv Municipality owning the rest of the land. The plan also calls for an additional 1,300 units in the nearby Park Tzameret, which will expand towards the south.

The 80-story office tower is planned for a 40-dunam plot (430,520 square feet) between Begin Road and Shaul Hamelech Boulevard. It will be joined by three 45-story towers, one of which will contain offices and the other two apartments.

A total of 540 units are planned for the two residential towers. Also planned for an 11-dunam plot in the Kirya area is a 278-unit residential project at the corner of Kaplan and Da Vinci streets.

Haaretz, the Jerusalem-based English language daily newspaper, reports the two projects were preceded by the Defense Ministry's agreement to cede land it controls to the Israel Lands Administration. In addition, a 23,500-square- meter mixed-use project at a site on Dubnov Street is on the drawing board.

Haaretz reports the state has agreed to direct a portion of its proceeds from the sale of the land to build light rail lines underground along Ibn Gvirol Street, to cover over portions of the Ayalon Freeway, and to relocate the Savidor central train station to the transportation hub over the freeway.  

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