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Sluggish Global Commercial Markets Start in 2012 to Improve in Second Half of Year, Says C & W Report

Sluggish Global Commercial Markets Start in 2012 to Improve in Second Half of Year, Says C & W Report

According to global commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield's latest MarketView report, 2012 will be a reverse image of 2011, and a tale of two halves for the global economy and the world's commercial real estate markets will emerge.

While there was a healthy start for 2011, rising uncertainty surrounding the resolution of sovereign debt issues in Europe and the U.S. led to a slowdown in the economy and commercial real estate activity in the second half of the year. The exact opposite performance is expected for 2012, with a sluggish beginning giving way to improvements in the latter half of the year.

"Despite uncertainties, there remains a well of pent up demand in most nations," said Glenn Rufrano, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cushman & Wakefield.  "As the year progresses and uncertainty subsides, improving economic conditions will support a boost in commercial real estate activity."

The main economic and market drivers for the year will be continuing strength in Asia from local demand growth, steady growth in the Americas and weakness in Europe, as sovereign debt issues continue to take a toll. The approach each region takes to reducing its debt issues will be a critical determinant of its economic performance.

Six key trends will define the global real estate market in 2012 include:


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