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Top 5 Artsiest Hotels in America Revealed

Top 5 Artsiest Hotels in America Revealed

Time was - only a decade or two ago - that a hotel was just a place for the weary traveler to lay his/her head for the night. And many hotels looked pretty much the same. Read More »

Top 5 Valentine's Day Getaway Places in America Revealed

Top 5 Valentine's Day Getaway Places in America Revealed

Is it Valentine's Day already??? Seems like it was just New Year's Day! Yes, the day of romance is here. It's a day to snuggle with your Valentine, to enjoy good food and good wine, and flowers and other gifts that say you care. Read More »

Top 5 'Warm' Winter Weekend Getaways Revealed

Top 5 'Warm' Winter Weekend Getaways Revealed

It's been a doozy of a winter so far in the U.S. More snow, in some places, than many of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. More ice, more freezing roads, more sub-zero temperatures. In fact, it seems to be that kind of winter in many parts of the world. Read More »

 Top 5 Ski Resorts in America Revealed

Top 5 Ski Resorts in America Revealed

It's ski season! And ski buffs all over America - and all over the world - are busy getting their equipment together, waxing their skis, and looking at their calendars. Read More »

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The Landings - (St. Lucia, West Indies)

The Landings - (St. Lucia, West Indies)

While investors in Sunbelt real estate have watched their property values slip and slide over the past year, those who discovered the tiny island of St. Lucia have smiles on their faces. Read More »

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All across America, there are places giving new meaning to the phrase "Bed & Breakfast." Places where the proprietors go above and beyond what's expected.

What could be better for Dad - and for you, if you're a Dad! - than a genuine getaway from the daily routine of working, paying bills, meetings, trying to squeeze a lot of life into a little free time, etc., etc., etc.?

Mother's Day is one of our most beloved holidays here in America. Almost everyone in the country takes a day off to honor our mothers, and all they do for us. So it only makes sense that on this special day, Mom shouldn't have to do anything.

As the winter snows melt and springtime comes to the vast expanses of the American West, the land comes alive. And one of the best ways to experience the awakening West is on a ranch.

With Valentine's Day holiday right around the corner, here are my 2017 picks for the most romantic getaways in the U.S. for you and your loved one.

Waikiki in Honolulu packs a lot into its small, 500-acre landscape. At just two miles long and half-a-mile wide, there are nearly 300 hotels with over 50,000 rooms to choose from. And according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, those rooms keep filling up.

It's that time of year again...where spirits are higher, people smile more, and winter takes on a wonderful, warm glow in which snow is beautiful rather than a bother. It really is the happ-happ-happiest time of the year.

I am learning about the NYC market and trying to decide if I need to hire a broker. If we do this, how much can we expect to pay in broker fees?

Hard to believe it's almost the Fourth of July. And here are my favorite places to spend this happy holiday...some with "fireworks" all weekend, and others with a relaxed, laid-back vibe that just invites you to let go of all your cares...

Does paying all cash for a home give me an upper hand over other offers that require financing?

All over America, there are wild and wacky alternatives to traditional places to stay when we travel. B&B's and small inns are emerging from all sorts of buildings that had previous lives...in many cases, about as far from "places to stay" as you could possibly imagine.

If we get locked in for a mortgage rate, how long can we lock in for? he typical lock in period for a mortgage is 60 days. If you need beyond 60 days, you can ask your lender about extended lock-in terms.

Are pre-approvals and pre-qualifications still as important for the purchase process as they were a few years ago? Pre-approval and pre-qualifications are generally just as important as they were a few years ago.

Spring has sprung! With it comes a number of very interesting - and, often, unusual - "experiences" this year! And this is the best time of year to do, experience, and see them!

Does installing solar panels add any value to my home for resale purposes? Depending on your home's heating and air conditioning systems, solar panels may add value to your home.

It's that time of year, again, when there's a run on flower shops - and probably jewelry shops, too - all over America. Valentine's Day!

I travel a lot. And while I'm not a proponent of spending a great deal of money for a hotel, I certainly enjoy the amenities of five-star lodging. Especially if the client is paying for it. I prefer instead, to eat and drink my way around a town.

I recently invested in a new business and needed to use some of my home equity line for the initial down payment. I anticipate being able to put the money back relatively quickly.

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