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Q & A with Dottie Herman

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Dottie Herman

Q1 - I just listed our home, and my wife is very against open houses. She wants people in our home to be accompanied at all times and not able to walk freely through the home; and even then she is skeptical- is there something our agent can do to assure her no one will be alone? Can they only allow one couple/person in the home at a given time?

A - The concerns your wife raises are valid, and one of the first steps is to prep your home by putting away any valuables or articles of personal importance. In addition, your real estate professional should be able to enlist a support staff from the brokerage firm who will escort each prospect thru your home to ensure a secure environment. The Open House is one of the most effective ways of marketing a property, and having a good turnout creates a "buzz". When prospects come to a crowded Open House, they perceive that the property is in demand. Putting too many limitations or restrictions on showings is a deterrent and can have a negative impact on the marketing of your home.

Q2 - I have three children and we are attempting to sell our home. We need to move because it is literally busting at the seams--we have so much stuff for each child. We try to keep it as clean and neat as possible, but there is constant clutter due to the children's toys. Therefore, it doesn't show that well for open houses and pictures. Is there something I can do? Are open houses recommended/necessary for a sale?
A - The marketing process can be difficult, especially with young children in the household. Balancing maintaining your day-to-day lifestyle, and being on display to the public, are possible. There are a variety of attractive storage containers that you can purchase at reason prices to store your children's' toys and "stuff". Putting their toys away can even become a fun game! Try to find containers that can be stacked or stored away easily when your home is being shown. De-cluttering, in general, is a good idea and also gets you prepped for your up-coming move!

Q3 - I am pregnant with my third child. Our current home is not large enough for our soon to be newest addition. Should I look for a new larger house for us to move into before we have a buyer on our current residence, or should I have a buyer on my existing property? I am unsure how to manage the timing of this transaction.

A - To help you decide, begin your home search on-line to familiarize yourself with neighborhoods that work for your growing family and to give you an up-to-date idea of pricing. Once you have narrowed down your parameters, go out and see some homes to ensure that there are real options for your needs and budget in the marketplace. You can then list your home as soon as possible. Spring brings many buyers out, particularly those with school age children, who wish to close before the start of the school year. There is no reason that you shouldn't be out in the marketplace searching for your new home.  If you find a new home before you have a buyer in place, you can try to negotiate a Closing date that will give you the comfort level you seek.

Q4 - I recently sold my property in 10 days for well over my asking price. Now I have no place to move because I didn't think this would happen so fast. Can I try to stay in my place for a month or so to buy me some time? I do not want to agitate the buyer as they are paying top dollar. Should I stay in a hotel? Rent a property until I find something I like?

A - First speak with your real estate attorney. You don't want to upset the Buyer and asking to be a hold-over tenant may present unnecessary issues. In addition, your home search may take time and, depending on the condition of the property you purchase, renovations may extend the time-line. Renting an apartment will take the pressure off and perhaps give you an opportunity to explore new neighborhoods.

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