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€70 Billion of European Real Estate Loan Sales Forecasted for 2015

€70 Billion of European Real Estate Loan Sales Forecasted for 2015

According to Cushman & Wakefield's European Real Estate Loan Sales Market Report, there was €12.2 billion of closed European commercial real estate loan and real estate owned transactions in Q1 2015. Read More »

Central, Eastern Europe Commercial Property Investment Upticks

Central, Eastern Europe Commercial Property Investment Upticks

In 2014, investor-lead transactions totaled €7.8 billion across all of Central and Eastern Europe's commercial real estate markets. Read More »

My Top 10 Cities in the World to Visit

My Top 10 Cities in the World to Visit

Here are my personal picks for the Top 10 cities on Earth. Some of them may surprise you. But all of them touch me on some level (or on several levels!) Read More »

Asian Investment in European Hotels Surge 90 Percent in 2014

Asian Investment in European Hotels Surge 90 Percent in 2014

According to CBRE, Asian investment in European hotels will reach US$22.7 billion in 2015, fueled by the liberalization of domestic controls governing outbound investment. Read More »

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Global Property Spotlight

Golfito Marina Village & Resort - (Costa Rica)

Golfito Marina Village & Resort - (Costa Rica)

Costa Rica's Newest Luxury Superyacht Destination Now Under Construction Read More »

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Nearly US$3 trillion of the world's private wealth is held in owner-occupied residential properties.

Hong Kong, New York, Paris, London and Tokyo retained their positions as the world's most expensive high-street retail destinations in Q3 2014.

The largest single residential development project ever undertaken in the Alps is underway.

Luxury residential property prices across the globe rose by 6.2% on average in the year to June 2014.

Hong Kong's retail market leads the world as the most expensive city.

Who says Spring Break has to be only for college kids?

The Swiss government is increasing the amount of capital banks must hold against the mortgages they extend.

Prices for chalets in the picturesque Swiss Alps have jumped 10 to 15 percent in recent months, in the wake of a new ban on second home projects. The ban addresses concerns that empty second homes would turn some mountain villages into "ghost towns."

Overall global luxury residential prices stalled during the third quarter, recording the weakest quarterly increase since 2012, Knight Frank reports. During the third quarter, prime home prices increased 1.2 percent.

The world's most expensive office space neighbrohood is St. James, London, home to several of the world's richest hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds. St. James, tops a list of the world's top 12 most expensive locations in the world.

Hong Kong is the most expensive city for global retail rents, as retailers continually look to benefit from the city's growing luxury market, according to a new study. Retail rents in Hong Kong reached $4,328 per square feet per year during the second quarter of 2013.

Global office values continued to rise in the second quarter, led by a surge in valuations of office property in the United States, property firm CBRE reports. CBRE's Global Office Capital Value Index rose 1 percent in the second quarter.

Want to start a debate? Tell a discerning traveler that such-and-such hotel has the greatest art collection of any hotel in the world. See what happens. More than likely, you'll have a lively discussion - or argument - on your hand.

Norway's oil fund has dramatically increased its property acquisitions in recent months, as it looks to establish itself as a key player in the real estate world. In the six months to March, the world's largest sovereign wealth fund increased its purchase pace for property assets.

Then we think of Switzerland, a lot of images come to mind. Medieval towns and villages. The magnificent Alps, snow-covered and jutting into a crystal-clear sky. A colorful ethnic mix of German, French, and Italian ancestry. Great food. And sophisticated international cities.

Singapore, that mystical island country-city combination off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula in southeast asia, once again is winning headlines. This time as the preferred permanent residence location by the world's rich and famous whose business and social lives are made up mostly of travel to and from countries other than Singapore.

Norway has just brought an early Christmas Holiday present to American institutional owners of large Class A office complexes and other conservative property assets in major cities and developed malls. Norway's $660 billion sovereign wealth fund, the world's largest, announced it is entering the U.S. real estate investment market for the first time. The fund plans to invest about $11 billion in various countries.

According to a new Global Cities Report by London-based real estate consulting firm Knight Frank, fifteen of the 26 cities tracked by the Prime Global Cities Index (58%) recorded flat or positive price growth in the year to September, but over the last quarter 20 of the 26 cities (77%) have seen flat or positive growth - indicating an improving scenario.

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