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The Anatomy of a Hundred Million Dollar Listing

The Anatomy of a Hundred Million Dollar Listing

High Rises in High Heels by Tamara Bakir

Luxury spec homes rarely surprise me anymore. After 10 years in Dubai real estate and two years in Los Angeles I have seen many, many "dream homes" with multi-million-dollar price tags.

Sunshine Cities of the East

Miami, Florida and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates are thousands of miles apart, separated by geography, cultural differences and political landscapes; however, there's more in common between these sunshine cities that you would think.

Top 5 Valentine's Day Getaways in America Revealed

Wow. Our whole world can change from Valentine's Day to Valentine's Day, can't it? Very few of us realized, last Valentine's day, what was in store for the coming year. Which makes it even more important to appreciate the ones we love this year.

My Top 5 Christmas Getaways in America Revealed

In this joyous season amidst a not-so-joyous year - and all the emotions all of us may be feeling right now - I find myself humming several of my favorite Christmas songs throughout the day.

Forest Lake Club Approaching 100 Year Anniversary Stronger than Ever

As Forest Lake Club approaches 100 years of being in business in a few years, this member-owned club has seen its share of generational change during its time as a traditional 'golf club" in Columbia, S.C.

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