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Many Americans who live abroad choose to keep their US properties for rental purposes.

With mortgage interest rates near all-time lows, many US expats are entering the real estate investment market for the first time.

The allure of a 'home away from home' has enticed many expats to purchase a vacation home.

Any time you sell stock and realize a gain, there will be tax implications. There are many questions to answer before deciding to sell: Which stocks should I sell to minimize my expat tax liability?

Owning a property in the U.S. while living abroad may be the perfect choice for Americans who may want to return to the U.S. someday. You may want to gain additional income through renting, maintain your existing home or maybe you're underwater on a mortgage and decide its better to hold onto the property until prices come back.

Buying property in the U.S. may seem easier than in many other countries. The real estate markets are open and there is generally no ban on foreign investment in property (personal or corporate). But beware - U.S. real estate markets can be complicated.

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