Mexico Promotion Links Real Estate Developers, Frequent Flyer Miles

Residential News » Residential Real Estate Edition | By Kevin Brass | August 5, 2010 10:26 AM ET

A new company in Mexico is based on the simple premise that frequent flier miles are the perfect sales incentive for second home buyers.

Mazatlan-based AMAS is marketing the promotion, which offers developers an easy way to offer miles to their clients. A unit priced between $300,000 and $400,000 might include 600,000 miles, for example.

More than anything, the program protects developers from the need to slash their prices, says Larry Foster, owner of AMAS, Inc.

"They're all being attacked," Foster said. "In lieu of discounting properties they can attach air miles as an incentive."

Foster is not the first one to link resort sales and miles. And several luxury resorts offer use of private jet services as an incentive. But Foster says he is offering developers a turnkey solution, including marketing materials, Web site advertising and miles packages with major U.S. airlines.

More than anything, though, Foster argues that air miles are the ideal fit for second home developments. A fundamental issue that always comes up with potential buyers is the cost of getting to and maintaining a foreign property, he notes.

"It's a perfect sales incentive," he said. "We address a major consumer concern."


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