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What are the Richest Neighborhoods in U.S.?

What are the Richest Neighborhoods in U.S.?

Not all neighborhoods suffered during the economic crisis.

Forbes Magazine set out to determine the most affluent neighborhoods in the United States, and some of the answers might surprise people. The richest neighborhood in the country is, drumroll please... Chevy Chase Section Five, Maryland, the Washington D.C. suburb, where the median household income is $250,000, the magazine found. That is a 67 percent increase from the neighborhood's $100,000 median income in 2000.

Luxury-Homes.jpg Another Chevy Chase neighborhood, Chevy Chase Town, came in at number seven with a median income of $231,000.

The list is dominated by the east--the only Western community to make the list was Cherry Hills Village, Colorado..

Forbes based its ranking on statistics from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, which offers data on 29,000 communities, including income through the end of the year 2011. The median household income across the sample was $49,205, but the typical margin of error was more than 30 percent, the magazine found.

"We picked the 10 highest whose margin of error did not exceed the average," the magazine said, acknowledging there are variables in the actual results.

The top ten:

1. Chevy Chase Neighborhood Five, Maryland, Median Income, $249,250
2. Hewlett Neck Bay Park, New York, $247,083
3. Brookville, New York, $245,750
4. Kenilworth Village, Illinois, $242,188
5. Muttontown, New York, $235,300
6. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, $233,125
7. Chevy Chase Town, Maryland, $231,071
8. Scarsdale, New York, $230,750
9. Short Hills, New Jersey, $229,222
10. Village of Indian Hill City, Ohio, $228,500

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