Fincase makes a new closed analytical platform for Knight Frank Russia

| By Author | September 30, 2020 11:23 AM ET

Fincase is a rapidly growing startup using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for transforming real estate appraisal market. Fincase creates unique IT solutions in the real estate industry that allow you to fully optimize and automate the entire cycle of working with property. The company is using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to transform the real estate appraisal market.

Fincase has been operating in PropTech sector since 2016. That time was developed Scoring Analysis of Value (SAV), which was awarded in the start-up competition in Vienna in 2018.

SAV automated real estate appraisal, calculated fair market price of properties and verified a report made by appraisal company. By 2020, SAV has been used by leading Russian market players: major constructor companies, government structures and the largest corporations and banks and broker agencies.

The uniqueness of the company is in the creation of an approach to finding special solution for each partner. We do not come with a ready-to-use product, but create it together. In the end of September Fincase completed a project for Knight Frank Russia.

New service for Knight Frank Russia

When buying luxury real estate, most buyers turn to the services of a realtor. On average, an agent spends from 100 to 500 hours on a deal for a luxury property. Time-consuming work includes a deep analysis of the market, determining the needs of the buyer, competent consultations, negotiations, and, of course, the selection of the desired properties. The quality of the selection depends on the expertise of the broker himself and the resources of the agency you decide to contact. Thanks to modern technologies, brokers can simultaneously monitor several sites at once and every morning receive a report on new units by e- mail in a convenient form along with price analytics.

Fincase specifically for Knight Frank Russia has developed a closed platform for buying, selling and leasing of real estate units. The site aggregates data from more than 20 sites, thereby saving users time for searching and viewing different resources. Brokers can choose the desired object among tens of thousands of ads according to 40 parameters: location, area, number of rooms, price, parking, type of decoration, loggia availability, and so on. Fast algorithms of the system allow not only finding an object almost instantly, but also conducting an analysis and compare units and prices of competitors.

According to a KPMG study conducted in February 2020, 95% of real estate companies realized the importance of innovation in business processes, but only 25% of respondents have a well-developed data processing strategy. We hope that soon there will be more companies that are actively integrating new technologies, and the digitalization of processes will help increase the speed of brokers and the profit of all participants in the transaction.

-- Dmitry Tsyplakov (CEO/Product Manager of Fincase)

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