Adderra Prepaid Utility Service For Hotels and Rental Accommodation

Adderra Prepaid Utility Service For Hotels and Rental Accommodation

| By Author | October 2, 2020 11:13 AM ET

The purpose of existence of European Union is improvement of socio-demographic levels of living. EU is constantly trying to overcome the existing poverty on its territory. Nevertheless, there are still households who struggle to pay their utility bills on time. In 2018, there were 7% of the total amount of households who did not pay their utility bills on time. This kind of inconvenience was caused due to the financial difficulties. However, this number on average is going down, comparing to 2013 when there were 10% of households who did not pay utility bills on time.

Greece took the leading position in EU with a total of 35.6% of households went over the deadline for their utility bills. The other two Balkan countries, Bulgaria and Croatia, are standing below Greece, with 30.1% and 17.5% respectively.

Submetering system is the solution for the residences where multiple tenants are staying. Submetering allows the property owners to control and record the energy usage in their residence and this system is the best way to measure the consumption of the residents individually. The correct management of the consumption will lead to a higher satisfaction of the tenants and will reduce their overall usage. This system will reduce the costs and will increase the lifespan of the power supply equipment.

Adderra takes the submetering system one step further, by letting the guests of the residence to follow and analyze the consumption of the different types of energy. This is possible through an app that is designed specifically for this kind of purposes. Adderra combines technological innovation and utilities prices into a more effective and attractive solution of his problem. Our service will help businesses to get financial satisfaction and achieve the set aims. This service will reduce the actual price for housing and increase the attractiveness of the accommodation.

Last but not least important factor that will motivate using Adderra, is that this service pushes people to be one step closer to the sustainable and green life by reducing the unnecessary energy consumption and developing new ways of rethinking humans' behavior. Our unique way of handling prepay methods for utilities makes the experience for consumers memorable and pleasant.

In conclusion, the existing problem cannot be put on the side and wait for it resolve itself, hotels management and landlords need to take actions today in order to quickly and efficiently overcome the existing challenges. Adderra is always happy and ready to provide quality service and Efficient Rental Resources.

Get ready to become sustainable, help EU to achieve their set goals and start using Adderra.

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