Bixby Founder launches Flow to unlock on-demand access to London's best co-working spaces, gyms and spas

» Press Releases Edition | By Author | September 14, 2021 9:10 AM ET

Mark Smukler, Co-Founder of building amenity platform Bixby - acquired by Hello Alfred in 2019 - has launched a new venture, Flow, which is aimed at making any physical space instantly discoverable and accessible.

Flow's mobile app provides users with flexible pay-as-you-go access to nearby workspaces, gyms, spas, and experiences across London, that usually require a membership, long-term commitment, or booking.

For real estate owners and operators, particularly those who provide offerings under a long-term membership model, Flow offers a powerful new platform to drive customer acquisition, by enabling walk-ins and giving customers a chance to try new places on-demand. With automated availability, dynamic pricing, and simplified visitor management, operators can fill underutilised space, boost revenue, and keep their sales funnel full.

Over 50 workspaces, gyms, spas, and leisure providers have already partnered with Flow. With no setup or recurring fees to list a space on the app, Flow expects to promote over 300 partner locations by the end of the year.

Commenting on the launch, Founder and CEO Mark Smukler said:

"The way we interact with the spaces, places, and experiences around us is changing like never before. Due to an increase in remote and hybrid work policies, people have greater autonomy than ever, driving a preference for flexibility, variety, and spontaneity rather than long-term commitment. Flow provides that frictionless discoverability and accessibility that people crave, enabling them to flow through spaces depending on what environment they want or need in that particular moment.

"Now that things have started to open up again, we're looking forward to more and more people flowing through previously inaccessible spaces here in London and eventually New York, Miami, and other major cities around the world."

About Flow

Flow is a mobile app that provides flexible pay-as-you-go access to nearby workspaces, gyms, spas, and experiences that otherwise require a membership or long-term commitment.

With zero upfront costs or monthly fees and complete control over availability, partnering with Flow is a risk-free way for location-based service operators to augment last-mile marketing and automate last-minute sales.

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