Effortless Investments on Island Time - Balis Real Estate Boom

Effortless Investments on Island Time - Balis Real Estate Boom

| By Author | July 8, 2024 9:16 AM ET

Uluwatu, Bali - Lyvin Properties is excited to announce the launch of its sixth real estate project in the picturesque region of Uluwatu, Bali. This project is designed to cater to the discerning tastes of international investors, offering a unique blend of modern luxury and traditional Balinese charm.

Alexander Sokovyh, who is known as the Bali Expert on social media, runs a channel focused on providing investor insights. He highlights the strategic advantages of investing in Bali by pointing out that the cost of real estate in Bali is significantly lower than in other popular destinations. With the increasing trend of remote work, long-term stays have become more feasible, leading to a rise in interest from international buyers. Sokovyh also states that investors are seeking stable markets with growth potential, and Bali fits this profile perfectly.

Indonesia's real estate market is strengthened by its impressive economic performance. Ceo-world ranked Indonesia fifth out of 199 countries for investment in 2024, surpassing Japan and the UK in competitiveness according to the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking.

Noel Fischetti, International Sales and Marketing at Lyvin Properties, stresses the significance of fully managed projects. She highlights that fully managed investments encompass all aspects of property management, comprising booking, staffing, guest satisfaction, and providing a five-star service. "This guarantees a smooth experience for both the property owner and the guests, resulting in higher occupancy rates and improved returns on investment. This is particularly crucial for international investors, as a hands-on approach is typically not the most effective way to manage time and energy."

Tourism continues to be a significant driver of Bali's real estate market. In April 2024, Bali's international airport saw a 35% increase in arrivals compared to the previous year. Tourism revenues are projected to reach $17.6 billion in 2024 and $22.1 billion in 2025. The consistent year-round tourist traffic provides stability and reliability in terms of property occupancy and returns.

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Lyvin Uluwatu offers state-of-the-art amenities, sustainable design, and stunning ocean views. Each property is fully managed, ensuring five-star service and a hassle-free ownership experience. This project marks the sixth successful completion by Lyvin Properties, reinforcing their commitment to excellence and innovation in the real estate sector. The Uluwatu project is ideal for investors looking to capitalize on Bali's booming real estate market while enjoying the island's serene beauty.

Indonesia is poised to become a major player in the global real estate market. With its robust economic growth, expanding tourism sector, and strategic location, it offers unparalleled opportunities for international investors.

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