A New Industry-Owned Worldwide MLS Platform is Coming Soon

A New Industry-Owned Worldwide MLS Platform is Coming Soon

| By Author | September 13, 2023 8:10 AM ET

The World's First AI-Powered Global Listings Service Announced

Miami-based GLOBAL LISTINGS' founder and CEO Michael Gerrity announced this week that the company is planning to launch in 2024 the world's first AI-powered Global Listings Service for all categories of active real estate listings located anywhere in the world.

Michael Gerrity

Gerrity says the new Global Listings Service -- or GLS for short -- will have several significant differentiating factors than a typical real estate MLS platform:

  • It will have a local, national and global footprint of listings coverage, unlike hundreds of typical MLSs that only provide local listings in their city MSA.
  • It will be available for all categories of real estate worldwide that include residential, commercial, vacation and land listings.
  • It will be a consumer-facing platform that is publicly accessible to everyone online, in multiple languages and matching currencies.
  • It will primarily be owned by industry stakeholders worldwide including brokerages, home builders, property developers, private landlords, institutional owners, investment funds, banks and title companies -- not real estate associations.
  • All online property searches performed by consumers worldwide will be presented with an integrated information display of correlated local property market news and data next to every single listing on the platform to help buyers and investors everywhere make smarter transaction decisions.
  • All consumer leads generated off any listing on the platform will be directly routed to the property seller or their authorized agent exclusively. We will not sell listing leads to outside third-parties.

Gerrity continues, "We are creating our new Global Listings Service because we believe in free, fair, open and efficient property markets worldwide. Our new GLS platform will be available to all market participants to use anytime to buy, sell, rent, trade or invest in real estate, worldwide."

According to the company, its new GLS platform will highly leverage technology to connect people, property, information and markets worldwide in a far more efficient, intelligent and cost-effective manner.

"The end result of our platform's heavy use of AI, data and scale to digitally micro-target 'high-probability' buyers on a global scale in the coming years will be a 5x to 10x reduction in 'customer acquisition costs' for tens of millions of property sellers worldwide each year, resulting in tens of billions of dollars of combined equity savings and lower selling costs at each of their closings.'

"Buyers and investors worldwide will also enjoy a greatly enhanced and highly customized user search experience using our GLS platform by having the world's listings inventory, correlated market news and data at their fingertips, in their own native language and currency -- all in order to help them make informed transaction decisions in real-time. Think of our new real estate information display as a consumer-facing online Bloomberg Terminal, but specifically built for the global property industry", concludes Gerrity.

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