Housearch Unveils a New Investment Index for Residential Property Markets - A Snapshot of 2024 Opportunities

Housearch Unveils a New Investment Index for Residential Property Markets - A Snapshot of 2024 Opportunities

| By Author | December 18, 2023 9:51 AM ET

(Dubai, U.A.E.) - Housearch, a global online residential property search platform, today announced the launch of its inaugural "Housearch Investment Index", offering investors a comprehensive and straightforward approach to assessing residential property markets worldwide. The Index provides a snapshot of the investment landscape for the upcoming year, highlighting the most attractive markets for 2024.


The Index ranks 50 countries based on four critical criteria: investment payback period, Global Peace Index ratings, scores in the International Property Rights Index, and GDP growth rates. This composite score method simplifies complex market data, making it an invaluable resource for investors seeking to navigate the global property market's opportunities and risks effectively.

Ireland tops the Index, showcasing its strong investment potential. Amidst a global economic cooldown and decelerating house prices growth post-COVID, Ireland's residential property market stands out with high rental yields, a resilient developed economy, and a healthy projection of around 5% value appreciation in 2024. The Irish market, particularly appealing due to its supply shortage, continues to be bolstered by strong sectors like information technology, pharmaceuticals, and med-tech manufacturing. Cyprus and several Gulf countries, known for their lower-risk profiles and high rent yields, also rank highly in the Index, aligning with the current investment strategy favouring stable payback cashflow in such economies.

"While the global real estate market experiences shifts and turns, the Housearch Investment Index offers a clear and concise view of where the most promising investment opportunities lie for the coming year. Particularly, Ireland's robust performance, despite broader market uncertainties, makes it a good choice for investors," said Mark Wilson, Adviser to CEO and Head of Research at Housearch.

The complete Housearch Investment Index and detailed country rankings are available on the Housearch website. For more information, investors and interested parties are encouraged to visit:

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