Kingspan Partners With Premsafe

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(County Caravan, Ireland) - It has been announced that Kingspan has partnered with Premsafe in a bid to improve national coverage and efficiency of their SafePro2 installation service.

This is a significant move from Kingspan and highlights their eagerness to help their customers retain their single-point warranty, which can be up to 25 years.

Kingspan is the global leader in high performance insulation and building envelope solutions. Their fall protection systems are renowned for being long-lasting and a more cost effective long term solutions compared to the systems available at the lower-end of the market.

Premsafe is a leading fall protection supplier and installer, covering the whole of the UK. In addition to horizontal safety lines, Premsafe also designs, supplies, installs and compliance tests a suite of fall protection solutions, such as mobile man anchors, roof access systems and lightning protection.

What is SafePro2?

The Kingspan SafePro2 is the only horizontal safety line system which can be installed on a Kingspan roof which enables the building owner to retain their single-point warranty.

SafePro2 is a fully compliant fall protection system comprised of high strength steel cable and support on energy absorbing roof anchor posts. The system is corrosion resistant and is designed to be installed during or after construction without the need to access the roof underside.

The main benefit - in addition to this system being the only one which allows for a single-point warranty - is that it is guaranteed for up to 25 years.

Why the collaboration?

Premsafe has been designing, supplying, installing and testing a wide range of fall protection solutions and installed systems on behalf of multiple manufacturers since its inception and the SafePro2 has proven to be a highly effective product.

As a growing business, the value of this partnership for Premsafe is unquestionable, but it is also a testament to the quality of our work, as Premsafe is the first company in the UK to partner with Kingpsan for its safety solutions.

Premsafe's Director, James Turvey, describes SafePro2 as 'a step forward in height safety' and commented:

"The biggest benefit of Kingspan's SafePro2 system is that it's the only approved system which enables Kingspan customers to retain their single point warranty.

Having worked with Kingspan for over a year to establish this partnership, we are delighted to be named as Kingspan's go-to installer for SafePro2 on their roofs and we look forward to helping their customers achieve peace of mind with a long-term fall protection solution."

Richard Biston, Kingspan's Commercial Director, is confident that Premsafe can help them push SafePro2 to the front of the market:

"Premsafe have shown that they are reliable, competent and experienced fall protection specialists and we have every faith in their ability to provide safe and efficient installation of SafePro2.

Our partnership with Premsafe will enable us to offer extended single-point warranties on Kingspan roofs which could potentially save our customers significant amounts of time, money and stress."

Over the next 12 months, Premsafe plans to install up to hundreds of SafePro2 systems across the UK, using their presence in Portsmouth, London, Manchester and Leicester to ensure maximum geographical coverage.

With Kingspan and Premsafe both growing at a considerable rate, this latest push on the SafePro2 will enable hundreds of property owners and contractors to not only improve the safety of their roof workers, but also implement a much more cost effective long term solution.

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