Latest Office App Data Reveals Significant Changes In Workplace Usage Versus Pre-pandemic

» Press Releases Edition | By Author | July 15, 2021 9:33 AM ET

Tenant experience technology provider, Office App, has published anonymised data from its global workspace operating platform.

The findings compare usage of the platform by over 1,700 people, from Q1 2020 to Q2 2021, revealing fundamental changes in the way people are now interacting with workspace, versus pre-pandemic usage.

Key findings:

  • With many companies implementing hybrid working and people spending less time in the office, the overall number of users booking meeting spaces on Office App's platform each week has decreased. In Q1 2020, an average of 256 people from the sample group booked space through the platform each week. An average of 183 users are booking space on the platform each week thus far in Q2 2021.
  • However, whilst people may be coming into the office less, they are much more focused on collaboration and co-creation when they do. In Q1 2020, individual users from the sample group booked an average of 2 meeting spaces each week. However, to date in Q2 2021, this figure has risen by 75%, to an average of 3.5 meeting space bookings made per user each week.
  • In-person team meetings on Mondays have decreased, with space bookings on Mondays dropping (-13%) from an average of 1,720 bookings made across the sample group in Q1 2020, to 1,500 to date in Q2 2021.
  • However, mid-week meetings appear to be on the rise. Space bookings on Tuesdays have increased (+12%) from an average of 1,564 in Q1 2020, to 1,750 in Q2 2021. On Thursdays, space bookings have also increased (+11%) from 1,642 to 1,820 bookings made.
  • Post-covid, users are also opting to drive to work more. In Q1 2020 car parking spaces booked per sample group user stood at 0.19. To date in Q2 2021, this has increased to 0.47 car parking spaces booked per user.

Commenting on the data, Thijs van der Burgt, CEO and Co-Founder of Office App said:

"As office usage evolves, the value of data has never been more important. Throughout the pandemic our data analytics have provided landlords with critical insights into the way that users are interacting with their spaces, helping inform smarter decision making.

"When looking at the latest data, we were able to see some interesting general trends about the way office usage has changed over the last 12 months. What's clear from the rise in the number of bookings made per user is that people really value the office as a place to collaborate and co-create, with office usage centred around group work. Generally speaking, people seem to want that physical, human-based interaction at the centre of their week too, with more individual, non-office based work at the start and end of the working week.

"The volume of commuters traveling to the office by car has also increased significantly, reflecting the need for ongoing social distancing. As infections subside, it will be interesting to see whether public transport usage bounces back, or whether we will see workers sticking with individual means of transport."

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