New Portal Launched for Property Investors in the UK Market

| By Author | September 28, 2020 9:02 AM ET

Building the world's most intelligent property platform - Property investors and sellers of valuable housing stock are often poorly served by the existing sales portals; with one of the more prominent issues being a lack of clear market data to accompany property listings.

The property portals, while they serve the investor market, lean towards homeowners and as such do not dwell on the information that investors find most useful: yield, capital growth, market activity; to name but a few important data-categories.

Investors are left to research local markets, themselves and while the information they need is mostly out there, they must spend a lot of valuable time making notes, analysing heatmaps and building out detailed spreadsheets, to determine where to look for the best properties, for the right kind of tenant, that will fit their budget and chosen strategy.

Enter property xyz: a property platform made by investors, for investors.

Conceived by Robert Jones (investor, educator and director of Property Investments UK) and co-founded by technologist Dr. Simone Di Cola, property xyz has been built to take the hassle out of researching potential investment properties.

While similar to other portals, where postcodes and locations can be searched to find available properties from estate agents, homebuilders and auctions, where property xyz is different, is that local market data is included for each listed property and there is a dedicated research area on the site, for any postcode in the UK.

Robert Jones explains that "as an investment educator I've spent years teaching my clients about how to find and use local market data to make better decisions and as an investor, myself, I spend a great deal of time with my own documents and charts. It felt like the right time to bring it all together and give investors easy access to the information they actually need; information that they otherwise would not be able to access or that which they would spend hours and days pulling together."

As a proptech startup, property xyz is data focussed. The goal - as Carly Fiorina (ex CEO of Hewlett-Packard) once defined it - "is to turn data into information, and information into insight".

To achieve this end Rob and Simone have built data-partnerships with companies across the industry and have many more in negotiation. Rob describes the project, saying, "what we have built - what we will carry on building - is a central authority; a place where you can not only purchase properties but carry out all essential due diligence and research, easily and with confidence".

Property xyz is a company that sees problems in the UK's investor market that can be solved by taking the data that is available and turning it into something useful: insights. But there's more... The company also sees the utility in building a portal, focussed on the needs of investors; an idea, in-and-of-itself, that is empowering to property buyers and sellers, alike.

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