New Real Estate Syndication Software Helps GPs Raise $100 Million+ During A Free Trial Period

» Press Releases Edition | By Author | April 6, 2021 9:18 AM ET

Seattle, WA - Cash Flow Portal, a brand new real-estate syndication software, has already helped GPs raise and manage $100MM+ of capital across hundreds of investors, thanks to their comprehensive "investor view" feature. The software is less than one year old and is the only tool in the market to offer a 14-day free trial (can be extended to 30 days) without a paywall. During the free trial, GPs can invite passive investors to view deals on a comprehensive dashboard. As a result, it makes the entire process of evaluating multifamily investment opportunities faster and more efficient, with multiple deals available for investors to evaluate on a single platform. The founder of Cash Flow Portal, Perry Zheng, is also a full-time Engineering Manager at Lyft and a multifamily syndicator who has raised $16MM+.

Zheng raised $1 million in self-financing to hire top engineers from Silicon Valley to develop Cash Flow Portal and help other real-estate syndicators streamline fundraising.

Screenshot of Cash Flow Portal's Investor View

Perry's ambition is to create a robust platform for real-estate syndicators where they can connect with their passive investors and switch between a syndicator and a passive investor view. "For LPs, investing in your deal should be as easy as instant check-out on Amazon," says Perry. Cash Flow Portal aims to revolutionize how syndicators present deals to passive investors, eliminate lengthy email newsletters and allow LPs to view all the deals from different syndicators on one platform.

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