PROPSIG: The Future Bloomberg Terminal of Real Estate Commences Construction

PROPSIG: The Future Bloomberg Terminal of Real Estate Commences Construction

| By Author | March 6, 2024 10:08 AM ET

Miami-based property technology developer and holding company World Property Ventures has announced that it has begun the design and construction of its new cloud-based global real estate information search engine called PROPERTY SIGNALS (or PROPSIG for short).

Scheduled to launch in 2025, PROPSIG will be an A.I.-powered platform that will provide a fully integrated information search display (in multiple languages) for dozens of categories of real estate market knowledge that include real-time market Signals Intelligence data, daily Real Estate News streams, Industry Data, Market Research, Property Records Search, Active Listings Search, Real Estate Token Data, Real Estate Stock Quotes, Mortgage Data and much more.  

Michael Gerrity

World Property Ventures CEO and founder Michael Gerrity said, "We are excited about the prospects of building and developing PROPSIG, our new global real estate search engine. Given the sheer size and scale of the $300 trillion-dollar addressable global property market, coupled with its very fragmented and highly archaic nature, we see huge market opportunities to provide a new, holistic, and consolidated information and data platform for the global property industry.  

Gerrity further commented, "The core mission of PROPERTY SIGNALS is to provide our future enterprise clients that include real estate professionals, Wall Street banks, hedge funds, private equity and property developers, institutions, and government (worldwide) -- a significant and asymmetric information advantage over others for local and global property market insights, movements, trends, data and news -- all in real-time.

PROPSIG's parent company World Property Ventures is a global real estate developer, owner, and operator -- in the digital realm of real estate. 

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