The Future 'Google of Real Estate' AI Search Platform Now Under Construction

The Future 'Google of Real Estate' AI Search Platform Now Under Construction

| By Author | December 18, 2023 9:55 AM ET

Miami, Fl-based GLOBAL LISTINGS has just announced it has begun the design and construction of its new next-generation global real estate listings search engine internally called the 'Pangea Project'.

Once launched in the coming year, the yet-to-be-named AI-powered real estate search engine will have the ability to digitally index, map, organize and democratize the world's real estate information, data and market signals intelligence of hundreds of millions of active property listings worldwide each year - in dozens of native user languages.

The company's current platform, is already the world's largest international property listings search site today that enjoys over 3.3 million property postings per month (of all real estate categories) in 113 different countries and growing.

Michael Gerrity

According to company founder Michael Gerrity, the goal of the company's new real estate specific AI search platform is to effectively become the future Google of real estate.

Gerrity further says, "Driven by disruptive new technologies - today's $300+ trillion addressable global real estate market -- will soon evolve from a highly archaic, fragmented and analog industry to a fully digital, automated and consolidated industry."

"Today's real estate market structure, participants, functions, platforms, processes (i.e., MLSs, buyers, sellers, brokers, pricing, data, ownership validation, financing, and transaction execution) will start to look - act - feel - mimic - behave like Wall Street's automated stock exchanges, trading platforms and financial search engines in the coming decade", concluded Gerrity.

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