World Property Ventures Core Mission: Create Significant Shareholder Value Through Digital Disruption

World Property Ventures Core Mission: Create Significant Shareholder Value Through Digital Disruption

| By Author | February 21, 2024 10:36 AM ET

(Miami, Fl and Irvine, Ca) Newly formed World Property Ventures was created with one purpose in mind: "Build better mouse traps for the global real estate industry", says company founder and CEO Michael Gerrity.

Michael Gerrity

To that end, Gerrity points out the global property industry is a massive $300+ trillion-dollar addressable marketplace that at the same time is the most fragmented, archaic, opaque and analog-driven industry in the world -- which has been the least impacted by technology - until now.

Leveraging A.I., big data and automation, World Property Ventures is a global real estate developer - but in the 'digital realm' of real estate.

Much as 'brick and mortar' real estate developers create significant shareholder value by building physical assets(i.e., office buildings, warehouses, retail, apartments, homes, condos, etc...), WPV plans to create significant shareholder value by building'digital assets'for the global real estate industry.

World Property Ventures development focus includes:

  • Digital Infrastructure - A.I. powered real estate Marketplaces, Search Engines, MLSs and Exchanges
  • Information Platforms - Real Estate News, Data, Ontology and Signals Intelligence Platforms
  • Transaction Services - Real Estate Tokenization, Dynamic Pricing, Digital Mortgages and Transaction Management Services

Gerrity further commented, "The best part: we are not starting from scratch! WPV already owns and operates 2 significant global real estate platforms to build upon that include GLOBAL LISTINGS (the largest international property listings search site in the world with 3.3 million postings a month from 110 countries), and THE WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL" (the #1 organically-ranked 'International Real Estate News' site in the world today by Google).

Future WPV projects include the development of a SEC-regulated digital real estate stock exchange (WPE), a global property tokenization platform called BlockTITLE, and a worldwide real estate news streaming service called WPC TV.

"Effectively we are building the future 'Berkshire Hathaway' of the global real estate industry -- the parent company to a growing group of dominant property technology companies and platforms that are all poised to create enormous shareholder value for World Property Ventures in the coming years by disrupting the status quo of today's massive yet highly archaic global property industry", concluded Gerrity.

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