Global Listings Evolves into a Future 'Amazon of Real Estate' Scale Platform

Global Listings Evolves into a Future 'Amazon of Real Estate' Scale Platform

| By Author | August 14, 2023 8:06 AM ET

Despite the global property market slowdown of 2023, Miami-based proptech GLOBAL LISTINGS has quietly been keeping an eye on the industry's future with the recent development of a new set of cloud-based services specifically for real estate companies and organizations worldwide.

Originally launched in 2017 as a consumer-facing global real estate listings search and posting platform, today the company offers an additional slate of digital solutions for a different segment of the global property market - corporate and enterprise customers.

Over the last year GLOBAL LISTINGS has launched both its new API Listings Data Service and Syndicated Marketplace Services for third party media company websites.

Michael Gerrity

Company founder Michael Gerrity says, "Even as Global Listings has continued to grow its consumer real estate listings search marketplace over the last few years to now hosting over 3.4 million property postings a month in 110 countries, we have taken a page out of Jeff Bezos' successful playbook of creating AWS cloud-based business services, which exploded Amazon's revenue growth over the last decade. We too have now built our own set of new cloud-based infrastructure and data services for enterprise real estate clients and organizations worldwide."

Sitting at the intersection of Silicon Valley search technologies, Wall Street trading infrastructure and Main Street real estate, GLOBAL LISTINGS operates three business units worldwide that include Marketplaces, Platforms and Data services.

The company is also developing its next-generation (and multi-language capable) real estate listings search engine and customer matching platform that leverages AI and digital micro targeting technologies, and a new cloud-based Private Label Marketplace Service called PaaS, both launching in 2024.

Gerrity concluded, "As we continue to evolve our B2C and B2B platforms and marketplaces leveraging AI and other cutting-edge technologies to digitize and consolidate the massive yet highly archaic, analog and fragmented $300 trillion addressable global property market in the coming decade, we look forward to becoming the world's dominant online 'shopping engine' for all categories of real estate searches and related services, making us the future Amazon of the global property industry."

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