GLOBAL LISTINGS Announces New Generative AI Real Estate Search Engine

GLOBAL LISTINGS Announces New Generative AI Real Estate Search Engine

| By Author | May 3, 2023 9:00 AM ET

The world's largest real estate listings platform GLOBAL LISTINGS - with over 3.4 million property postings per month in 112 different countries -- announced today the coming launch of the industry's first Generative AI-driven real estate listings search engine in early 2024.

Michael Gerrity

The company is currently exploring various Generative AI options that include OpenAI's ChatGPT, Google's Bard AI, and Amazon's newly released Bedrock AI to help power its next-generation platform with the added functionality to drive its new voice-command driven user search capabilities in 13 different languages for multicategories of real estate search, on a global scale.

Once launched, users will be able to hold natural language conversations to ask GLOBAL LISTINGS' new AI real estate search engine about specific property listings by location, prices, size, and type shown with correlated local property market news and data surrounding each property listing - all being retrieved in real-time from the company's enormous global property listings databases, with global real estate news and data content coming from the large archives of THE WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL, a wholly owned subsidiary of the company.

Company founder and CEO Michael Gerrity said, "Effectively, we are creating an artificially intelligent digital Bloomberg Terminal, a correlated information display search engine, for the global property industry."

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