Renters Warehouse Unveils the First Fully Integrated Real Estate Investment Company for Single Family Rentals, Complete With MLS® Integration

Renters Warehouse Unveils the First Fully Integrated Real Estate Investment Company for Single Family Rentals, Complete With MLS® Integration

| By Author | August 19, 2019 12:36 PM ET

Renters Warehouse, America's leading real estate investment services company, announced today the creation of an entirely new real estate investment service offering set to not only make it easier for America to invest, but to educate and serve those investors who have been investing in real estate the hard way for far too long.

When Renters Warehouse acquired OwnAmerica in 2018, it changed how people invest in real estate. With the integration of OwnAmerica's proprietary technology to create the Renters Warehouse Marketplace, real estate investors were now able to buy and sell single-family rental properties with ease. Today, Renters Warehouse has built a full-circle service offering unlike anything else in the country by integrating MLS® to its platform and launching the first-of-its-kind real estate market research center.

"We're living in a world where over 15 million people are buying homes the hard way," explained Renters Warehouse CEO Kevin Ortner. "They're finding a real estate agent, they're finding a tenant, and they're managing the property. They're doing all of this on their own, and it costs investors a lot of time and money."

With its MLS integration, real estate investors will now have access to single-family homes for sale all across the country. They will be able to strategically invest with confidence because Renters Warehouse is lowering barriers and making it easier than ever before to build your portfolio countrywide, with no geographical restrictions.

"Over one million single family homes are acquired by investors every year," said Renters Warehouse Chief Strategy Officer Greg Rand. "We believe a fully integrated online portal, brokerage and property management business will capture a substantial share of that market, and make it bigger."

While there are currently many online platforms focused on home ownership available to Americans, these companies have completely forgotten about the segment of people looking to buy a rental home. "These platforms aren't offering investors an ROI calculator or a real-time financial analysis. They're not finding properties with tenants already in place so that cash flow is never disrupted. Renters Warehouse is targeting the forgotten segment, and we're the only ones doing it across the country."

In addition to the MLS integration, the new Research Center will help investors learn more about desired investment areas across the country and get access to investment properties currently on the market in just a few clicks. Investors of all sizes can now leverage the Research Center to interpret institutional quality data on market performance, population growth, employment trends, and migration patterns. New to investing in real estate? The Research Center will help first-time investors find the markets where demand is growing and where their fellow investors are winning.

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