The Johnson Center For Health Announces Expansion

The Johnson Center For Health Announces Expansion

» Press Releases Edition | By Author | February 9, 2023 8:52 AM ET

The Johnson Center for Health, a leading provider of functional and holistic medicine is thrilled to announce that its innovative health and longevity services are expanding to Virginia Beach. The new center, located in the Pembroke Office Park at 291 Independence Blvd, will bring the community the same personalized, integrative care that the center is recognized for in its Blacksburg location. Dr Barbara Johnson has been working with patients in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area via telehealth but has seen high demand for in-person services. The new location will be designed to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for patients to ensure they receive the best care possible and is expected to open in February 2023.

"Her office will be just as she envisioned and provide a comfortable and inviting space for her patients," said Nicole Campbell, Assistant Vice President of Corporate Services and Office Leasing, Divaris Real Estate.

Owned by Dr. Johnson, a leading expert in integrative and functional medicine, The Johnson Center is dedicated to promoting wellness and preventive care through a holistic approach. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 45, Dr. Johnson made the decision to leave her 10 year career as a General and Trauma Surgeon to pursue a new approach to healthcare. Her diagnosis was a wake-up call, leading her to reevaluate her approach to her own health and that of her patients.

"The diagnosis was a complete surprise as I thought I was very healthy. I was not taking any medications, exercised regularly, not overweight, and had no worrying symptoms. But this diagnosis was devastating and a wake-up call," said Dr. Johnson

The path to 'curing' her own illness led to intensive training and fellowships in cellular and regenerative medicine, bioidentical hormone replacement, peptide therapy, functional medicine and mind-body medicine. Adding these specialized paths alongside traditional medicine is the key to aging healthy, and Johnson has helped thousands of patients reclaim their health, vitality and joy of life. "This discovery of understanding health from an entirely different way than I learned in medical school forever changed how I look at health and disease," Dr. Johnson said.

Dr. Johnson leased 2,088 square feet of office space in the Divaris-leased and managed Pembroke Office Park. This prime location is in the Central Business District of Virginia Beach at the intersection of Independence Blvd and Virginia Beach Blvd, with great accessibility to I-264. Krista Costa and Nicole Campbell handled the lease negotiations. Elizabeth Paasch represented the landlord.

With the new practice set to open in February 2023, Virginia Beach and Norfolk residents will have the opportunity to experience the revolutionary personalized approach to healthcare offered by The Johnson Center for Health.

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