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Housing Affordability a Global Issue, Says International Housing Association

Housing Affordability a Global Issue, Says International Housing Association

Affordable housing is becoming a theme heard all around the world now.

This week the International Housing Association (IHA) issued a call for advancing housing affordability during its 2015 Interim Meeting this week in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The group aims to provide access to safe and decent housing to the broadest population possible. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) serves as the Secretariat of IHA.

IHA defines "housing affordability" as the availability of housing which is reasonably adequate in standard and location for lower or middle income households and does not cost so much that a household is unlikely to be able to meet other basic needs on a sustainable basis.

The group will pursue the following actions to help advance housing affordability across the world:

  • Identify and share common challenges each of our organizations confronts in meeting our individual country's housing needs.
  • Commit to sharing successful strategies implemented to address the above noted challenges shared.
  • Exchange knowledge and best practices regarding tools and techniques designed to address the development of housing affordability - prior to construction, during the construction phase and over the life of the structure.
  • Address practices which directly and negatively impact housing affordability such as government imposed fees and taxes, and land use restrictions.
  • Work individually to mentor and support fellow member organizations as they actively address housing affordability challenges locally.
  • Use existing industry organizations, associations or interest groups, to further raise international focus on this critical housing need.

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