86,000 Homes in Southern California at Risk from Wildfires

86,000 Homes in Southern California at Risk from Wildfires

Residential News » Los Angeles Edition | By Michael Gerrity | December 8, 2017 9:17 AM ET

Combined Value of Homes at Risk Over $27 Billion

According to CoreLogic hazard risk analysis, a total of 86,242 homes in Ventura and Los Angeles counties with a combined reconstruction cost value (RCV) of $27.7 billion are at some level of risk from the Thomas, Rye and Creek Wildfires.

Of the total at-risk homes, 13,526, or 16 percent, with an estimated RCV of more than $5 billion are at significant risk of damage, falling in the High and Extreme risk categories, according to CoreLogic data. Although the majority of homes, 72,716, or 84 percent, are at Low or Moderate risk of damage, wildfire can easily expand to adjacent properties and cause significant damage even if a property is not considered high risk in its own right.

Tables 1-3 below show the total number of homes and RCV at risk by zip code for each of the three wildfires. These figures are based on the CoreLogic Wildfire Risk Score (1-100), which indicates the level of susceptibility to wildfire damage and includes risk associated with the property's location and its proximity to other high-risk properties or areas. The higher the score, the greater the risk of damage.

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