Brazil, Colombia and Russia Top Countries Looking for Miami Property

Brazil, Colombia and Russia Top Countries Looking for Miami Property

Residential News » Miami Edition | By WPJ Staff | March 20, 2015 9:16 AM ET

According to the Miami Association of Realtors own website stats, Brazil topped the list of foreign countries conducting online searches in January 2015. Colombia, Russia, Venezuela, and Canada were the next top-four searching nations. The countries differ from those who led the search on in January 2014, when Venezuela, Brazil, Canada, Bolivia and Colombia comprised the top-five.

"The Miami real estate market continues to attract buyers and investors from around the world," said Christopher Zoller, Miami Association of Realtors Residential President. "Miami remains affordable compared to other world-class, global cities and offers many benefits and amenities, including strategic location, moderate year-round weather, multicultural environment, and an exciting lifestyle."

Miami, which has long been a top destination for international real estate consumers, is also a top choice for consumers in many U.S. markets. Not including Florida, the top-10 U.S. states for consumers searching in January 2015 were:

  • 2015: 1. California, 2) Texas, 3) New York, 4) Georgia, 5) Illinois, 6) Ohio, 7) Pennsylvania, 8) North Carolina, 9) Michigan, 10) Tennessee
  • 2014: 1. California, 2) Texas, 3) Georgia, 4) New York, 5) Illinois, 6) North Carolina, 7) Virginia, 8) Pennsylvania, 9) Michigan, 10) Ohio

Nationally, Miami is consistently one of the top markets for most of the highest ranking countries searching for property in the U.S. --- including Brazil, Germany, Netherlands and Spain. In January 2015, it was a top market for 13 of the top 20, including Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Sweden, Russian Federation, South Africa, Switzerland and Turkey.

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