Risk of Housing Downturns Highest in New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia

New Jersey, Illinois, Delaware, and inland California continued to have the highest concentrations of the most-at-risk markets in the country, with the biggest clusters in the New York City, Chicago and Philadelphia areas. Southern and Midwestern states remained less exposed.

Pending Home Sales Dip for Fifth Consecutive Month in the U.S.

According to the National Association of Realtors, U.S. pending home sales slid for the fifth consecutive month in October 2022. Three of four U.S. regions recorded month-over-month decreases, and all four regions recorded year-over-year declines in transactions.

Despite Economic Uncertainty in the U.S., Black Friday Shopping Upticks in 2022

Based on brand new Retail Research by CBRE, Black Friday in the U.S. was off to a better-than-expected start for the 2022 Christmas holiday shopping season.

U.S. Home Buyers Spend More Time Researching TVs to Buy Than Mortgage Lenders

Based on a new survey by Zillow Home Loans finds prospective U.S. home buyers spend about as much time researching their next TV purchase and more time researching their next vacation or car purchase than they do their mortgage lender.

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