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Ireland Home Prices Nationwide Spike 9 Percent in 2017

Ireland Home Prices Nationwide Spike 9 Percent in 2017

According to the latest House Price Report released today by Ireland property portal, home prices across Ireland nationally rose by more than €20,000 ($24000 USD) on average during 2017. With prices stable in the final quarter of the year, this means that the average price was almost €241,000 ($291,000 USD), 9.2% higher than a year ago. Compared to their lowest point in 2013, prices nationwide have risen by an average of almost 47% or just over €76,500 ($91,000 USD).

In Dublin, prices rose by 11.7% during the year, the first year since 2014 the rate of inflation in the capital exceeds the national average. In Cork, the change in prices during 2017 was 5.1%, while in Galway the figure was 8.1%. In Limerick city, prices rose by 6.9% during the year, while in Waterford, the increase was 8.6%. Outside the main cities, prices rose by 7.5% during 2017.

The number of properties available to buy on the market nationwide continues to fall. There were just over 21,000 properties on the market on December 1st, 2.6% lower than the same date a year previously. The total number of properties available has now fallen year-on-year for 100 months, having been above 62,000 in late 2009.

Commenting on the figures, Ronan Lyons, economist at Trinity College Dublin and author of the Report, said: "The main feature of the property market in 2017 was just how different the second half was from the first. The first half of the year saw prices jump by 9% in six months, as the relaxation of Central Bank rules for first-time buyers was factored into prices. But the second half of the year saw almost no change in prices, as those very same rules linking mortgages to the real economy placed a break on prices.

"The overall picture of the market remains one of strong demand but very tight supply, in particular of new homes. As we enter 2018, increasing supply - especially of apartments in Ireland's major cities - must become the key success metric for policymakers when it comes to the housing market."

Martin Clancy from said "Interest and demand in the property market continues to grow. We are now seeing over 1,000 property searches taking place every minute on"

Average list price and year-on-year change - major cities, Q4 2017

  • Dublin City: €360,116 - up 11.7%
  • Cork City: €260,680 - up 5.1%
  • Galway City: €273,232 - up 8.1%
  • Limerick City: €176,952 - up 6.9%
  • Waterford City: €161,087 - up 8.6%

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