Don Halbert

don-halbert-small.jpg Don Halbert, Founder & CMO - (IMG) Inbound Marketing Group™

Don Halbert currently lives in Costa Rica with his wife and two kids (Skyler & Samantha) where he operates the day to day operations of IMG. Mr.Halbert also sits on the board of the prestigious real estate firm of CRREC (Costa Rica Real Estate dot COM S.A.) and as CMO for the agency, continues to write articles on current and trending segments of this thriving market. He currently writes for EscapeArtist International, Newsblaze, various local news agencies and several travel, business and market trends blogs. Mr.Halbert has appeared in CNN, Forbes, Moneywatch, WSJ and other affluent publications.

As an international entrepreneur, Mr.Halbert is privy to a wealth of insider knowledge across a broad spectrum of international niches. His insights and experience within these arenas afford him the tools and access to valuable data, in order to write compelling and engaging content for World Property Journal.

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