Q & A with Dottie Herman Real Estate News

Q & A with Dottie Herman

Does Buying in Cash Give Home Buyer Upper Hand in a Deal?

Does paying all cash for a home give me an upper hand over other offers that require financing?

How Long Should We Wait?

If we get locked in for a mortgage rate, how long can we lock in for? he typical lock in period for a mortgage is 60 days. If you need beyond 60 days, you can ask your lender about extended lock-in terms.

Are Preapprovals Still Relevant When Buying a Home?

Are pre-approvals and pre-qualifications still as important for the purchase process as they were a few years ago? Pre-approval and pre-qualifications are generally just as important as they were a few years ago.

Does Installing Solar Panels Help Sell My Home?

Does installing solar panels add any value to my home for resale purposes? Depending on your home's heating and air conditioning systems, solar panels may add value to your home.

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