What Do I Look For When Selecting a Manhattan Neighborhood?

What Do I Look For When Selecting a Manhattan Neighborhood?

Residential News » Q & A with Dottie Herman | By Dottie Herman | April 8, 2015 8:00 AM ET

Q & A with Dottie Herman
Q: I am new to New York and my husband just got a job in the city. We want to live in NYC for a few years, and purchase something until we decide if we want to head to the suburbs. We both are from the west coast. How do we decide where we should look within Manhattan?
ANSWER: Choosing a neighborhood in Manhattan is all about lifestyle choices. Being close to work or near transportation to the office is often a top priority. Other neighborhood attractions include: proximity to parks, shopping, houses of worship, and if you have children, particular public or private schools. We are fortunate in Manhattan to have many neighborhoods that combine many of these features and benefits. Working with a real estate professional can provide you more quickly with neighborhood options, as well as meeting your budgetary needs.
Q: I am a newly licensed real estate agent. I have gone on a number of listing appointments and I have not gotten a single listing. I have worked with a few buyers but I have yet to make a deal. I am sure it takes hard work and dedication, but are there any strategies I should try? Or any tips for getting a listing?
ANSWER: Getting your first listing is always a challenge and we've all been there, so don't give up! As today's relatively low inventory market is competitive, sellers are, for the most part, opting for agents with a track record in sales. Enlisting an experienced agent to share the listing with you may serve to add credibility to your presentation, and a good learning experience for you as well. If the relationship works, you may want to establish a mentoring relationship with that agent. Another option is joining a successful Team in your office who can offer experience and support.
Q: My husband just got a job in the south that we can't refuse, so we have to sell our home that we have only lived in for 3 years. We bought new construction and the house is beautiful. We have listed it for more than we purchased it for, as we bought right before Hurricane Sandy and we think home values have come up since then on Long Island. Any tips to sell the home quickly? Will listing it for more than we paid present a problem for a quick sale?
ANSWER: Homes that are relatively new and need little work are in demand, and Long Island is a region that has, for the most part, enjoyed an excellent recovery. The Spring selling season has just begun and to catch the wave, enlisting the marketing skills of a real estate pro can result in a quick sale from the most qualified buyer. Doing research on-line can help you to identify an expert in your neighborhood who will be able to help you with correct pricing and marketing suggestions for your home.

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