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Vacation Housing Markets Trending Higher with Buyers Amid Pandemic

Vacation Housing Markets Trending Higher with Buyers Amid Pandemic

Impacts from the coronavirus pandemic have rippled out to traditional U.S. vacation destinations, which are seeing increased interest from homebuyers. Read More »

My Top 5 Great Autumn Escapes in America Revealed

My Top 5 Great Autumn Escapes in America Revealed

Ahhh, finally, it's Autumn! The summer heat is gone, and the constant search for shade is over. The air is fresher, crisper, clearer, and filled with soft autumn breezes and the promise of upcoming holidays and (hopefully!) warm family gatherings to celebrate them again. Read More »

Driven by Coronavirus, Memorial Weekend Kicks Off

Driven by Coronavirus, Memorial Weekend Kicks Off "Homecation" Season in U.S.

In a new COVID-19 world we now find ourselves all living in, this Memorial Day weekend has become the unofficial start of 2020's new "homecation" season. Read More »

Full Recovery of U.S. Hotel Industry From COVID-19 Not Expected Until Late 2022

Full Recovery of U.S. Hotel Industry From COVID-19 Not Expected Until Late 2022

After suffering the greatest performance declines in the history of the U.S. lodging industry during 2020, the nation's hotels will benefit from what is expected to be a relatively rapid economic turnaround in 2021 and 2022. Read More »

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Grand Tetons Wonderland - (Driggs, Idaho)

Grand Tetons Wonderland - (Driggs, Idaho)

Huntsman Springs is golf and club community developed by Jon Huntsman, Sr. A place of serenity and beauty in the hitherto undeveloped Teton Valley of Western Idaho. Read More »

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The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on many of America's "non-essential" industries. That includes tourism, as countless attractions have closed down.

The Coronavirus and the ensuing international health crises has impacted the resort real estate industry in an unprecedented way.

Beautiful old American hotels speak to us. They speak with the echoes of earlier guests in earlier times, and, often, those earlier times saw great historical events. They speak with an Old-Time elegance and dedication to customer service sometimes not found in more-contemporary hotels.

Based on a report by the University of Central Florida's Rosen College of Hospitality Management, the annual economic impact of Florida's vacation home rental industry now exceeds $27 billion.

According to new data by CBRE, the short-term rental industry will expand to roughly 650,000 actively rented units in the U.S. this year, equal to 12.2 percent of the country's hotel-room supply, as the fast-growing sector further expands in suburban, rural and resort markets.

The Caribbean island chain of the Turks and Caicos has long been admired among travelers for its laid-back atmosphere, picture-perfect white sand beaches and crystal-clear calm waters, but it has stayed under-the-radar for second homebuyers.

According to AAA forecasts, more Americans than ever on record - 115.6 million - will travel this holiday season in the U.S., from Saturday, Dec. 21 through Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020.

That beautiful song - "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" - is very, very true! Most people are in good cheer at this time of year. Our homes and our fireplaces and our food and drink and our time with friends and family will all bring us wonderful memories in the future.

More than 55 million U.S. travelers are making plans to kick off the holiday season with a trip of 50 miles or more away from home.

Finally -- Holiday Season is here! And with it, the warm feelings and the spirit of giving and the smiles and the family get-togethers and the relatives' fly-ins from all over the country and the first frost

According to the National Association of Realtors' newly released 2019 U.S. Vacation Home Counties Report, increased financial wealth and low mortgage rates boosted the demand for and price of vacation homes.

Ahhh...It's Autumn! And after another scorching summer, who isn't ready for the cooler weather? Sweater weather! Pumpkins on porches! Children leading Moms and Dads to Halloween-costume stores.

For most of us, there's already a hint of Autumn in the air. The harsh, sidewalk-baking temperatures of summer have started to lower (for most of us!). The breezes are turning cooler.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is forecast this week that a record-setting 49 million Americans are planning an Independence Day getaway this year.

Come summer and July 4, there's one thing all Americans agree on - it's time to celebrate the nation's very unique heritage, and very unique birthday.

According to CBRE Hotels Research's latest report, the U.S. lodging supply will increase at an annual pace greater than the long-run average through 2022.

Nearly 43 million Americans will start their 2019 summer season with a Memorial Day weekend getaway. Orlando top vacation destination, followed by New York City and Las Vegas

Long winter got you down? Did your anticipation for Spring turn into suffering with hay fever or allergies from everything blooming? Are you ready for not only a change of pace, but also a change of place?

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