Details on Zaha Hadid's Miami Project

» Global Property Beat | By Kevin Brass | March 20, 2013 11:03 AM ET

Curbed has finally tracked down detailed renderings and diagrams of Zaha Hadid's design for a condo tower in downtown Miami. The site describes the data on One Museum Tower as the "motherload," which is a bit extreme, even for property wonks. But this is the first time property groupies have a chance to see all the intimate inside plans for Ms. Hadid's design for her first tower project in Miami. (And it's a scoop, so give them a break on the spelling of mother lode.)

Curbed's bounty shows vivid detail of the distinctive exoskeleton, as well as more information on how the podium and lobby will interact with the street. Curbed also reveals that the tower will feature a helipad, as well as an indoor pool and amenity deck, and the apartments are "huge."

All in all, it sounds like standard condo tower fare. Nevertheless, there is an undeniable cool factor to the project and the developers were keeping a tight lid on visuals. Curbed used camera phone photos of a rendering in past posts.

The much-discussed project made a media splash last week with features in the Miami Herald and Wall Street Journal. The Journal's fawning article suggested the project would help Miami's "credibility as an emerging cosmopolitan center." 

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