Global Property Beat

Why You Might Reconsider that Oceanfront Home

The deadly storm raging through southern Asia is a stark reminder of nature's ability to dramatically change the landscape. Typhoons with 190 mph winds can alter geography and turn a waterfront home into driftwood with remarkable ease.

Mystery of Google Barges Grips Media

The appearance of two mysterious barges on opposite coasts has sparked a flurry of rumors and speculation, primarily centered on their possible connection to Google. According to one widely-reported account, the barges are the first examples of floating data centers.

Is Banksy a Hero or a Villain?

The elusive graffiti artist named Banksy is wreaking havoc in New York. To Mayor Michael Bloomberg and a large chunk of the real estate industry, Banksy is a property-destroying menace.

Where is Justice in Wall Street Settlements?

Five years after Wall Street firms led the global economy to the edge of the fiscal cliff, some of the biggest players are finally facing punishment. Blue chip banker JPMorgan is reportedly ready to pay $13 billion to settle civil cases brought by the government.

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