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My Top 4 Labor Day Getaways of 2021 Revealed

By the time we reach September - every year - we could all use a day off. But this year, after 18 months of COVID, it comes at the perfect time! Soon we'll see the seasons change, and the return of cooler weather and autumn breezes.

Rustic Fourth of July Getaways in America Revealed

Perfect timing! We're about to enjoy the one holiday that can bring every American together. The Fourth of July reminds us that we are all sons and daughters of America.

Top 5 Valentine's Day Getaways in America Revealed

Wow. Our whole world can change from Valentine's Day to Valentine's Day, can't it? Very few of us realized, last Valentine's day, what was in store for the coming year. Which makes it even more important to appreciate the ones we love this year.

My Top 5 Christmas Getaways in America Revealed

In this joyous season amidst a not-so-joyous year - and all the emotions all of us may be feeling right now - I find myself humming several of my favorite Christmas songs throughout the day.

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