How Do I Get a New Client?

How Do I Get a New Client?

Commercial News » The Schenk Report | By Greg Schenk | May 31, 2013 8:35 AM ET

For 27 years now I have been an active broker, consultant advisor and for almost 16 years I have been training and mentoring others professionals. One of the biggest questions I always get is, how do I get a new client? The information below should help you get started!

How do I get a client?

The "one a day" program. Make one call to a new person for every day. Not 10 on Monday and 10 a week later. One! You wouldn't take a week's worth of vitamins in one day. Just one! One a day, five a week, 250 a year! This way has helped me attract approximately 30 clients a year over the last 15 years since starting my own firm!

Know who you are and what you do for client

I am Greg Schenk. And this is how I view my role: I help clients improve their bottom line on their leases and maximize their investment in real estate. I don't sell or list buildings. I work strictly for the benefit of the tenant and buyers/investors. I introduce the client to every person in the process they need to make their life easier! I add value every step of the way. I am a "master of the market and a master of the process"

Where do you get clients?

The most powerful tool is a referral with an introduction. So establish various referral networks.

Give and you shall receive

I always give something of value first. A no cost review of a prospect's lease to give them a foundation on how their lease stacks up in today's market.

What makes me different?

For me, the answer is, I'm a tenant representative only. I'm an advisor consultant first, resultant second and relationship-oriented to insure your long term goals are met! Everyone else is a salesman. I'm an advisor consultant and have been for 27 years. It's all about relationships. I represent buyers and tenants only. Sales are the process of producing results for the mutual benefit of all parties and that happens when you know your role and execute.

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