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Australia's industrial and office sectors are set to experience the double-digit returns in 2019, making them forecast to be the highest performing asset classes.

Major metropolitan office markets across the globe are seeing a significant increase in the adoption of "green" building certification programs.

CBRE is reporting that investors in Asia Pacific real estate in 2017 remain heavily focused on yield spreads when seeking assets as investment intentions, and are moving further away from capital appreciation strategies.

Innovation, liveability and the capacity to reinvent characterize the most dynamic cities in their third annual City Momentum Index (CMI).

Australian developers pounced on close to $4 billion of inner city residential sites in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in the 12 months to April 2015, with offshore buyers leading the charge.

Hong Kong, New York, Paris, London and Tokyo retained their positions as the world's most expensive high-street retail destinations in Q3 2014.

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