Clear Capital Predicts Top 10 Best and Worst U.S. Housing Markets for 2011

Clear Capital Predicts Top 10 Best and Worst U.S. Housing Markets for 2011

Residential News » Residential Real Estate Edition | By Michael Gerrity | January 12, 2011 12:06 PM ET

As we start a New Year, the big question on many consumers' minds is what will happen to the U.S. housing market in the upcoming year. According to Clear capital's recent U.S. Home Values report released earlier this week, they may have some of those answers.

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Clear Capital's report lists both the top 10 markets expected to have home price gains in 2011 followed by the top 10 cities that are predicted to fall the most in home values for 2011.

10 Markets on The Rise In 2011:

1. Washington, DC: 6.5% price increase y/y

2. Houston, TX: 3.6% price increase y/y

3. Honolulu, HI: 3.4% price increase y/y

4. Memphis, TN: 3.2% price increase y/y

5. Columbus, OH: 2.1% price increase y/y

6. Dallas, TX: 1.4% price increase y/y

7. New York, NY: 1.3% price increase y/y

8. Birmingham, AL: 0.9% price increase y/y

9. Pittsburgh, PA: 0.8% price increase y/y

10. New Orleans, LA: 0.5% price increase y/y

10 Markets That Will Fall The Most In 2011:

1. Virginia Beach, VA: 12.8% price decrease y/y

2. New Haven, CT: 11.9% price decrease y/y

3. Tucson, AZ: 11.9% price decrease y/y

4. Dayton, OH: 11.7% price decrease y/y

5. Jacksonville, FL: 10.5% price decrease y/y

6. Phoenix, AZ: 9.4% price decrease y/y

7. San Francisco, CA: 9.3% price decrease y/y

8. Detroit, MI: 7.7% price decrease y/y

9. Oklahoma City, OK: 7.6% price decrease y/y

10. Tampa, FL: 7.4% price decrease y/y


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