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U.S. Hotel Sector Enjoys Performance Uptick in Late January

U.S. Hotel Sector Enjoys Performance Uptick in Late January

Miami-Hotels.jpg According to STR, the U.S. hotel industry reported increases in the three key performance metrics during the week ending January 26, 2013.

In year-over-year comparisons, occupancy was up 0.6 percent to 54.0 percent, average daily rate rose 4.4 percent to US$106.31 and revenue per available room increased 5.0 percent to US$57.42.

Among the Top 25 Markets, Anaheim-Santa Ana, California, rose 16.4 percent in occupancy to 74.7 percent, reporting the largest increase in that metric. Detroit, Michigan, followed with a 12.1-percent increase to 60.5 percent. Boston, Massachusetts, posted the largest occupancy decrease, falling 8.0 percent to 55.2 percent.

Washington, D.C., which hosted President Obama's second inauguration on 21 January, achieved the largest ADR increase, jumping 27.8 percent to US$178.51. Oahu Island, Hawaii (+16.6 percent to US$204.75), and Anaheim-Santa Ana (+15.6 percent to US$129.64), also reported double-digit ADR increases. Denver, Colorado, led the ADR decreases, falling 6.1 percent to US$96.59.

Four markets experienced RevPAR increases of more than 15 percent: Anaheim-Santa Ana (+34.5 percent to US$96.87); Washington, D.C. (+27.8 percent to US$105.28); Detroit (+20.4 percent to US$52.04); and Oahu Island (+18.0 percent to US$184.53). Boston posted the only double-digit RevPAR decrease, falling 10.0 percent to US$71.85.

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