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London 2012 Olympics Ticket Confirmation From Next Week Spurs UK Hotel Lodging Hunt

London 2012 Olympics Ticket Confirmation From Next Week Spurs UK Hotel Lodging Hunt

Applicants who successfully navigated the London Olympic ticket website will be discovering whether or not they have attained their desired places as early as May 16th 2011. With their plans now becoming reality, securing accommodation in London is likely to be the next task on the 'to do' list.

Joanna Doniger, founder of Accommodate London, reports: "Those who have applied for Olympic tickets have been receiving reminder emails this week to let them know that funds will be leaving their accounts if their tickets applications have been successful. From May 16th onwards, many people will be celebrating the fact that they will be attending the Games next year.

"The next step for those who don't live in the Capital will be to source and secure suitable accommodation during the events," continues Joanna. "There will certainly be a flurry of activity over the next few weeks for hotels, B&B's and rentals all over London, particularly those that are close to the Olympic sites and on good transport links, such as those close to Central and Circle & District tube line stations."

With over 300,000 overseas visitors expected, and with the IOCs rumored 'minimum requirement' of 40,000 rooms for officials, interpreters and press, there is much demand for London accommodation over July 2012. Hotels are preparing to meet this demand and capacity is being increased but there will inevitably be intense competition for the best offerings.

"If visitors are looking to stay for a week or longer and are coming as a family or group, a home rental will offer better value for money and more privacy. At Accommodate London we currently have 50 luxury London properties to rent over the Olympic period rising to 200 within the next few months, close to or with good transport links to the various venues," concludes Joanna.

Those who applied for London 2012 Olympic tickets will find out whether their applications have been successful between May 16th 2011 and June 24th 2011.

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