Skyait Golf Club Debuts Dye Design Course in China

Skyait Golf Club Debuts Dye Design Course in China

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Dye-Design-Eagle_Par_3_Ground_breaking_ceremony_-_March_2011.jpg (KUNMING, CHINA) -- In one of the more unique golf courses around, Skyait Golf Club recently completed its Eagle Par 3 hole, in the shape of a large eagle.

The par-three hole, designed by Cynthia Dye, principal architect of Dye Designs Group (DDG), is being used  a marketing tool for the club and its future expansion.

Taking the name "Eagle Par 3" from its view, the tees sit on top of a ridgeline with an eagle's eye view overlooking the rest of Skyait's valley acreage. The hole was originally a different layout, however, as the design evolved in DDG's design office and the owner's goal became better understood, the name "Eagle Par 3" took on a whole new meaning. The final product is a fun layout that looks like an eagle with wings as fairway and bunkers as defining features.

"This hole was a unique design challenge, as is it much different than anything you would put into a traditional golf course layout," said Dye. "The owner wanted something that would make people say 'wow' and have them thinking about Skyait after they leave the club. Surely this hole will accomplish that, and be fun to play."

Dye and Sam McGarey, VP Asia Pacific, attended the opening ceremony on November 23, where Cynthia Dye personally selected and placed the rock that represents the eagle's eye. Falling in line with Chinese traditions, with its eye the eagle now can soar.

So far, the hole is already attracting positive attention to the club, and Skyait is considering expanding the original vision and incorporating this hole into a nine-hole, par three course. In addition to the Eagle Par 3, Dye Designs Group is designing an 18-hole championship course and an 18-hole community course. Both future courses are slated to open in 2013.

The Dye family has built more than 300 golf courses in 27 countries worldwide. Spanning four generations since 1922, starting with Hall of Fame golf course architect Pete Dye, the Dye family is particularly active on international projects with 16 contracted course designs in eight countries.

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