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Shadowed by the various regulatory measures on the property market and the external economic uncertainty, Macau's property market softened and saw a slowdown in investment sentiment.

Macau's gaming revenue recorded y-o-y growth for the 11th month in a row, driving A residential property market rebounded amid the robust primary sales, leading to strong price growth in some of the residential projects.

The world's most dynamic cities in JLL's fourth annual City Momentum Index (CMI) share the ability to embrace technological change, absorb rapid population growth and strengthen global connectivity.

According to JLL in its Macau Year-end Property Review 2016, the Macau property market fell to its bottom in 1H16 but rebounded a bit in 2H16 with the launch of several new residential projects.

The Macau property market continued to consolidate in 1H16, albeit at a slower rate, following 25 consecutive months of decline in the city's gaming revenue.

Hong Kong home sales dropped 39% quarter-over-quarter to an all-time low of 6,221 in the first quarter of 2016, as market uncertainties continued to deter buyers.

Hong Kong real estate market is in a healthy position to overcome the recent and future interest rate hikes.

While Chinese investors continue to pour billions of dollars into U.S. real estate assets that appreciate in value each month, things back home in China are a little different.

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